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Contextualize-it is our audiovisual contextual advertising solution based on our own artificial intelligence technology. The algorithm is not only capable of analyzing a static image, but also of combing the information contained in video objects and scenes, audio, and transcription of that audio to classify it according to the IAB categories and apply a cloud of ad hoc keywords based on that category. This sophisticated technology acts like a programmatic environment on its own video inventory. It enables contextual adverts of high value and affinity to the user to be offered, guaranteeing a secure environment for the brand.

We work with our own inventory and video player in which a series of algorithms analyze images, scenes, objects, video, and audio in real time that are classified according to the IAB standards. The algorithm combs the content to identify the contextual categories and deliver the most suitable one when an advertisement request is received, calculating the suitability for the brand. This is combined with an ecosystem that is enriched with programmatic advertising in order to be able to deliver a relevant advertisement according to the context in the format of pre-roll, mid-roll, overlay, or display banners. In order to guarantee the brand can be viewed in secure environments and prevent the advertisements from being shown alongside controversial images, it is possible to neutralize categories and keywords.

One of the main advantages of contextual advertising is that there is no need to use the user’s personal data in order to offer them relevant content according to their profile and time of consumption. The technology is capable of understanding the consumer’s interests based on their consumption of audiovisual content and using artificial intelligence to provide a contextual human compression of the content. This affinity with the user and moment of maximum attention and relevance for the brand impact ensures that the advertiser is able to achieve better results without adversely affecting the user experience.

As we move forwards toward an environment without cookies, it is becoming increasingly necessary to find contextual advertising solutions that do not require the user’s personal data. The advantage of Contextualize-it, in addition to impacting your audience with affinity and relevance to improve the user experience, is that it does so by analyzing audiovisual content, which is the format with the greatest engagement and digital consumption.

As an on-demand agency or partner, you will be offering your customers a leading and innovative solution which is capable of improving the viewability and engagement KPIs by positioning the brand according to suitability standards at the most appropriate times for the user, without requiring personal data or third party cookies.

Thanks to Contextualize-it, you can better determine the context and location of advertisements while also optimizing the return on advertising investment and achieving a better user experience.

Contextualize-it offers publishers the chance to monetize their video advertising inventory with a new format and create an additional inventory to increase revenue. It offers the advantage of fast and simple code integration.

If you require more information you can get in touch with us and we will explain how to implement it. 

Contextualize-it is compatible with desktop, and mobile web content and it will soon also be compatible with CTV. It can be accessed through programmatic buying from any DSP via the creation of a total ad hoc preferred deal based on the IAB categories and keywords selected. It is an optimum purchase model for always-on campaigns, which also guarantees the best performance given their complexity.

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