Programmatic brand advertising

Navigate the cookie-free era and enhance a privacy-centric user experience with powerful AI advertising technology.

Features and benefits

Accurate and relevant targeting

Reach audiences at scale with precise and relevant contextual signals.

Brand safety and transparency

Be certain that your ads will be served in trusted safe environments.

Pre-curated premium inventory

Ensure delivery across a variety of media. Our artificial vision and semantic analysis technology classifies text, images, video, and audio.


Mitigate privacy compliance issues with cookie-free contextual segments.

Solutions for

Boost your ROI with quality direct traffic from top publishers.

Reach audiences for your clients with a relevant brand-safe inventory.

Provide access to trusted relevant ad inventory with transparency and control.

We work with the most advanced technology and a human-first approach to all our solutions, while constantly exploring, learning, and improving. We never stand still.

We connect the dots between tactical automation and strategic decisions.

We solve issues quickly and efficiently.

We provide honest advice and contextual insights.

We like to have a chit-chat about the weather (because we’re human).

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