Uncover more opportunities in your inventory with AI-driven contextual solutions.

Features and benefits

Higher revenue

Create an additional ad inventory and boost your monetization revenue.

Enhanced user experience

Put user experience first and display the most relevant contextual ads.

Multiplatform support

Display your campaigns across desktop, mobile, and CTV platforms.

Top-quality demand

Connect to only premium quality brand advertisers worldwide.

Straightforward integration

Only 6 lines of code to display contextual ads.

Available content

Our artificial vision and semantic analysis technology classifies all types of content: text, images, video, and audio.


Extract metadata from video content with visual recognition and monetize with contextual ads.


Extract audio metadata from your content with natural language processing to monetize them with more relevant advertising.


Extract metadata from your web information with a semantic engine to monetize them with context-aware personalized ads.

How does it work?

One code for all of them

Designed to bring context to all content sources to deliver the most relevant ads. Just 6 lines of code to display properly contextualized ads.

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Video monetization with PlayOnContent.

Video Producer

We scan your own news media to generate automatically updated video content with pre-roll and mid-roll ad campaigns.

Editorial Video

A new video inventory based on your own or syndicated content from third-party platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, or PlayOnContent.

We work with the most advanced technology and a human-first approach to all our solutions, while constantly exploring, learning, and improving. We never stand still.

We track your performance and drive your revenue.

We solve issues quickly and efficiently.

We provide honest advice and contextual insights.

We have friendly chats and build long-lasting relationships (because we’re human).

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